Ashley Sullivan

Brad's Deals

I joined the Brad's Deals engineering team in 2016 when I started my career as an official Junior Front End Developer. In August 2017, I was promoted to Front End Developer and started leading more projects. helps millions of shoppers save money by publishing the best deals from over 4,000 retailers, expert shopping tips, and credit card hacks. The site is built using Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js, though some apps that we build use React and Vue.js, it just depends on the project and what works best for the business requirements.

Since I started at Brad's Deals, I've primarily worked with HAML, SASS, EJS, Backbone and Ruby, some more than others. I'm most comfortable with HAML, SASS and EJS but I am continually working on getting better with Backbone and Ruby. I've also gotten very comfortable with git workflow and writing thorough pull requests so that my fellow devs can easily understand the changes that I've made. I've learned about test driven development and aim to focus on testing while building out new features. At BD we use Cucumber and Jasmine for testing our code.

Software wise, I'm using Sublime for writing all of my code. Then I use either terminal or Sourcetree to manage my git repositories. Services that we use regularly are Spinnaker, Travis, New Relic, Postman and Pivotal Tracker.

Major projects that I've worked on during my time at Brad's Deals include the assisting in the move of email service providers, building the redesign for the Account Settings page, adding new functionality and redesigning the Email Preferences page, building the callout for Deal of the Day, building the redesign for Saved Items and assisting in the build of the new Merchant Portal.