Ashley Sullivan


I started working at Crate&Barrel in 2013 as a Visual Designer. During my three years at Crate, I evolved from a designer to a production developer. I worked on the Brand team, which was responsible for the design of all marketing aspects of the website. I designed and built the Crate&Barrel homepage, category pages, banner ads, landing pages and helped with photography planning.

As a Visual Designer, I used PhotoShop to design different marketing projects. I used my attention to detail to focus on the typography and overall composition. Then I would prepare my designs for the web and build the HTML using Sublime. We used a home built CMS to update sections of the website, and I would copy and paste my HTML into the CMS.

While working at Crate, I introduced our team to Slack and Trello to improve our team's communication and keep track of all the different projects and promotions that we were in charge of. I learned how to stay organized and manage my time well since I was working on so many time sensitive projects.

My most notable projects were designing and building the homepage, redesigning the Artists&Designers page, building newly designed super category pages, designing and building custom landing pages for Crate&Barrel, CB2 and The Land of Nod.